Our strength is our expertise, and this, along with a drive to win and the experience to succeed, has built our reputation on for excellence. We are dedicated to serving as a valuable counselor to our clients and will work diligently to blend integrated solutions with efficient legal strategies for effective resolution of your legal matters.

Our goal as a firm is to advise our client, and advocate their position to a successful conclusion.

We're dedicated to guiding you through the legal process and bringing clarity to the unknown. When you face a legal issue, talk to us.

Daisy & Collins, LLC is a full-service law firm providing legal services addressing corporate and individual needs.

Areas of Practice

Business/Corporate Law

Daisy & Collins offers a unique combination of legal, finance and accounting qualifications to aid business clients with day-to-day guidance, strategic issues and litigation, from the routine to the complex.

Government Contracts

Navigating the intricacies of government contracting regulations and law achieves its best results with the guidance and advice of an experienced attorney, whether you are new to the contracting market or not.


Litigation is the last option, not the first, but when you need to go to court, you will want Daisy & Collins by your side. We have an extensive history of superior counsel for arbitration, disputes and litigation.

Estate Planning

Estate planning anticipates and prepares for, during their lifetime, the disposal of one’s estate. It can include will preparation, assignment of beneficiaries, probate avoidance, trusts, guardianships, etc.

Construction Law

Daisy & Collins provides legal counsel and litigation support to construction companies, general contractors, government contractors, subcontractors, homeowners and real estate and construction professionals in all areas of construction law.

Family Law

Daisy & Collins provides experienced and compassionate attorneys who can manage every phase of a family law case to help families navigate through some of life’s most difficult challenges. We take a practical approach to resolving issues amicably.